We care about quality

Healthways is a licensed manufacturer of dietary supplements which has been entered into the register of USP VDSP (Verified Dietary Supplement Program). Each stage of production from checking raw materials to final delivery transport has been thoroughly inspected and tested.

This is confirmed by certificates and certificates of analysis issued by the relevant authorities.

Thorough testing of raw materials

The basis for the production of our supplements are carefully selected ingredients

Our policy allows only those that pass stringent tests. We focus on nature, therefore it is very important that the materials used were top notch in terms of biological purity, content of chemical elements and that they are cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic farming.

Modern laboratories

Thanks to the extensive knowledge originating from Healthways laboratories, our products are able to fulfill the highest expectations of patients.

Both laboratories are equipped with the latest technology. This allows us to ensure that products manufactured at our manufacturing facilities meet the most demanding health standards. For the sake of the highest quality and objectivity of research, they are always carried out by external regulators.

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