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is improvement of human health and well-being

Wir kämpfen mit den beliebtesten Bedrohungen

Nowadays, obesity is becoming a huge problem. In Europe, has reached epidemic proportions. Over the past two decades, the prevalence of obesity has tripled. It is estimated that if there is no action in the year 2010 in the WHO European Region about 150 million adults (20% of the population) and 15 million children and teens (10% of the population) will be obese. Currently, in most countries, 30% - 80% of adults are overweight. Healthways introduces a revolutionary method to combat excessive pounds. Our supplements have helped thousands of people around the world.

"In today's world, using knowledge and modern technology, each person is free to take control of its health. "

Our expert: dr. Alex Carrey

Suitable processing of known natural ingredients brings unexpected results today. It is a revival of natural medicine, so that in a healthy way, we can improve health and fight obesity. Herbs and plants known and used by our grandparents returned to favor. As head of product development at Healthways, introduced a new method of heat treatment of components called lyophilization. It is a process through which we have gained a reputation among the thousands of satisfied patients.

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