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Green Magma

Green Magma is a dietary food supplement. It contains 100% natural extract of young green barley which has been heat-treated in a process called lyophilization. The effects of the supplement are multi-faceted operations - beneficially affects hair, nails and cleans and deacidifying on body. Recommended for all ages.


Flexacoll is a food supplement supporting the work of the joints. It has justified the action by rheumatic pains, arthritis and pains of osteoarthritis. The composition of the supplement was developed by experts with over 10 years of experience on the global market. Daily use of the supplement works on the cause of the problems of pain, supplementing glucosamine deficiencies in the cartilage.


Chlorella. A dietary supplement containing extract from marine algae. Naturally it stimulates and supports the development of intestinal flora charity tract. Recommended for constipation. Supports weight loss.

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